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Renew System ‘Turbo Seal’


Turbo Seal is a proven total waterproofing solution. An innovative repair system that effectively and completely restores a failed waterproofing membrane without any excavation of soil or breaking-up of concrete walls. Traditional leak repair methods only bandage leaks temporarily, and require more re-work, resulting in higher actual and opportunity costs. Our repair system using Turbo Seal assures the complete restoration of the damaged waterproofing layer by injecting Turbo Seal directly into the leaked areas resulting in effective permanent repairs.


Turbo Seal is a non-curing polymer rubber gel with exceptional adhesive characteristics. Due to its non-curing nature, it seeks out and seals leaks effectively restoring a damaged waterproofing layer. Applied monolithically to the substrate, Turbo Seal creates an impervious waterproofing membrane. It is made from recycled rubber, single component, cold applied with >1% VOC.

Turbo Seal is patented and manufactured by Re-New System Co. Ltd of Korea. Turbo Seal is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Rated as one of Korea’s 10 BEST Technologies, Turbo Seal has also achieved the ‘Certificate of Korea Eco Label’ issued by the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute. It was also awarded the Prime Minister Commendation (Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy NEP)


Adhesion state of waterproof layer

after construction


Responsiveness to



  • Applicable in damp conditions

  • A single component gel – type material, actively responds to substrate movements

  • Excellent adhesion with foreign materials.

  • Superior self-healing/self sealing ability with superior adhesion and flexibility

  • Easy and simple application

  • Cost effective and easy maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly material with less than 0.002% VOCs to substrate movements


  • Applied to many substrates, even adheres in damp conditions.

  • No primer is required.

Flexible & Self-Healing

  • Adaptable to continuous soil movement and vibration.

  • Responsive to substrate movement.

  • Self-healing and seal-sealing properties.

Easy to apply

  • One type of component only.

  • No mixing or other preparations required.

  • Just drill and inject


  • Environment- friendly, no VOCs, safe for installers

  • Made from recycled materials


  • Long lasting, does not solidify or deteriorate


  • Unlike polyurethane (PU) or acrylic based systems, Turbo Seal is consistent. It does not harden or fails to set. Turbo Seal also does not have other problems associated with PU or acrylic based systems like skinning, pin-holing, saggy or running of material and surface cracks.


D-Wall: Turbo Seal Injection

Tunnel Segment: Turbo Seal Injection

Schematic Diagram

Unlike our competitors, JSJ Corporation use drilling components that can drill up to 2 metres long at one go, ensuring smooth passage without the danger of unnecessary wastage of sealant nor unforeseen complications caused.

Drill Bit Comparison
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